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Laminated Frontlit banner/Coated Frontlit banner/Frontlit flex/Frontlight
UNISIGN™ Flexible PVC frontlit (Frontlight) banner is suitable for all solvent-based inkjet system. The special surface coating optimizes ink adhesion and color reproduction for long-lasting brilliant prints. After special treatment, UNISIGN™ frontlit (Frontlight) have a good capability of anti-microbial and anti-aging. We control the transparence from 5% to 10%, it's an ideal choice for frontlit (Frontlight)billboard, and it is widely used in indoor or outdoor advertising.
UNISIGN™ PVC coated banner is a quality choice for long-term outdoor advertising.
    Frontlit_banner_canvas_01                UNISIGN_Frontlit_banner_canvas_03
1. Glossy and matte surface are both available.
2. Weather resistant (UV, rain, typhoon and frost).
3. Anti Flame is available.
4. White substrate for wide format digital printing.
5. New technology for High glossy surface is availabe.
1. Billboard (frontlit).
2. Exhibition booth decoration.
3. Displays (indoor and outdoor).
4. Building murals and instore displays.
Suitable Printers:
All kinds of solvent bass or eco-solvent base printer, include (not limit in) VUTEK, NUR, SCITEX, ARIZONA, SALASA, TECKWIN, YASELAN,FLORA, INFINITI, etc
Suitable Inks:
All kinds of solvent base ink and Eco ink.
                                                                                                                                                                          Packing option.
TypeDescriptionBase FabricWeight(g/sqm)Length(m)Width(m)
LFG11/440Laminated frontlit banner1000*1000D, 9*9sq/in440 (13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
LFG11/510Laminated frontlit banner1000*1000D, 9*9/sq.in510(15oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
LFG55/440Laminated frontlit banner500*500D 9*9/sqm440(13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m, 5m
LFM55/340Laminated frontlit banner500*500D 9*9/sq.in340(10oz)50m/roll1~3.2m
LFG35/440Laminated frontlit banner300*500D, 18*12/sq.in440 (13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m
LFG35/380Laminated frontlit banner300*500D, 18*12/sq.in380 (11oz)50m/roll1~3.2m
LFG23/340Laminated frontlit banner200*300D, 18*12/sq.in340(10oz)50m/roll1~3.2m
LFG23/300Laminated frontlit banner200*300D, 18*12/sq.in300(9oz)50m/roll1~3.2m
CFM55/440Coated Frontlit banner500*500D 28*28/sqm, Weave fabric440 (13oz)50m/roll1.6/2.2/2.5/3.2
CFM11/510Coated Frontlit banner1000*1000D, 20*20/, Weave fabric510(15oz)50m/roll1.6/2.2/2.5/3.2/5m
CFM11/550Coated Frontlit banner1000*1000D, 20*20/, Weave fabric550 (15oz)50m/roll1.6/2.2/2.5/3.2/5m
LFG23G/340Grey back fronlit banner200*300D, 18*12/sq.in340(10oz)50m/roll1~3.2m
LFG35G/440Grey back fronlit banner300*500D, 18*12/sq.in440 (13oz)50m/roll1~3.2m


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