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Inkjet Polyester canvas/Fine art polyester canvas
UNISIGN™ Polyester,polycotton and cotton canvas is suitable for Solvent,Eco-solvent, pigment,UV,and Latex inks.
It is an economical choice for fine art printing, such as oil painting graphic, indoor decoration graphic.
UNISIGN™ owns the Core technology for coating layer. T
hrough 4 year developing, our coating layer has stable performance and good ink absorption for many different areas in the world. The quality is accepted by our customers and gets high reputation.
     unisign_inkjet_cotton_canvas_printing_03         unisign_inkjet_polyester_canvas      unisign_inkjet_cotton_canvas_printing_02
1. Polyester coating, waterproof.
2. Nature-friendly material.
3. Compatible for all Solvent,Eco-solvent, pigment,UV,and Latex printers.
4. High printing precision: 362/720/1440dpi.
1. Outdoor advertisement and family decoration application.
2. Indoor decoration (such as oil-paintings)
3. Photography shed.
4. Outdoor advertising.
5. Background.
Suitable Printers:
All kinds of Eco-solvent bass printer, include (not limit in) HP, MUTON, ROLAND, Epson
Suitable Inks:
All kinds of Solvent,Eco-solvent, pigment,UV,and Latex inks.
TypeDescriptionCompatible InkWeight(g/sqm)Length(m/roll)Width(m)WaterProof
CCM260Cotton canvas, MattePigment, Dye, Eco-solvent260 (7.6oz)18/30/500.61/0.914/ 1.27/1.52Yes
CCM270DCotton canvas Double side printablePigment, Dye, Eco-solvent270 (8oz)18/30/500.61/0.914/ 1.27/1.52Yes
CCM360Cotton canvas, MattePigment, Dye, Eco-solvent360G(10.5oz)18/30/500.61/0.914/ 1.27/1.52Yes
CCG360Cotton canvas, GlossyPigment, Dye360G(10.5oz)18/30/500.61/0.914/ 1.27/1.52No
CCG360ECotton canvas, GlossyEco-solvent360G(10.5oz)18/30/500.61/0.914/ 1.27/1.52Yes
TMB80Mirror flagEco-solvent8050/1000.914/1.27/1.52Yes
TB130Polyester coating bannerEco-solvent130500.914/ 1.27/1.52Yes
TOC210Polyester coating canvas, mattePigment, Dye, Eco-solvent210500.61/0.914/ 1.27/1.52Yes
TWC110Polyester coating canvas, mattePigment, Dye, Eco-solvent110500.61/0.914/ 1.27/1.52Yes


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